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This is where you can exchange experiences made with K-Taping, ask questions concerning clinical pictures or just browse postings.
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  • Clinical pictures / Indication
    Whether achillodynia, epicondylitis or tinnitus - every therapist makes diverse experiences and applies techniques differently. You can here exchange experiences, make suggestions or find tips and help.
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    15.10.2013, 19:32
  • K-Tape - Feature / Effects / Usage
    The exceptional feature of K-Tapes allows the patient unrestricted mobility. To the Tape this means an extreme diversion of usage from therapy, sports and work. Anything concerning resilience, reaction and feature of the Tapes can be found here.
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    29.01.2014, 17:49
  • Charges for K-Taping applications
    K-Taping is a private service not covered by regular health insurances. Here you can look up billing models, health insurances that cover K-Taping and other interesting topics.
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